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Get Qualified Traffic with Pay Per Click

How Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Can Help Grow Your St. Louis Business

Chances are that you’re being inundated with hype about SEO for your website. PPC is on your radar, but you probably aren’t really clear on the differences, and the pros and the cons. No worries.

Both of these online marketing tools are valuable in delivering enhanced search engine rankings, and they each have their place in establishing and growing your online presence. But for the purposes of this section, we will be educating you on the value of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Overview

PPC Overview Concept

PPC is a marketing tool that delivers results quite rapidly. It operates differently than Search Engine Optimization, though not in opposition to that organic approach.

Basically, where potential customers are online searching for your services and/or products, you pay to direct them to your website. Essentially, you are paying for online leads.

How PPC Works in a Nutshell:

  1. You create online ads based on keyword searches.
  2. An internet visitor clicks on your ad and is sent to your website.
  3. You pay for that “click”.

Benefits of PPC Advertising

  • Pay Only When Your Ad is Clicked – When an interested party believes that your ad is relevant to her search objective, she clicks on it.
  • Excellent Budgeting Option – PPC delivers well for those working within a strict budget for their marketing program. You set parameters for how much you want to pay for your advertising efforts.
  • Targeted Advertising – Allows you to target web users who are actively searching for what you are selling, be it products or services.
  • Quick Results (vs. Organic SEO) – PPC delivers results quickly, while organic SEO can take 6 months and longer to achieve your initial marketing objectives.
  • Universal Option – Works for nearly all types of businesses. People search the internet for a wide variety of reasons. Keywords help to identify what they are searching for. PPC uses this approach to meet their search needs, regardless of intent.

Google AdWords

Some people confuse PPC advertising with Google AdWords. This is understandable since Google AdWords is the largest and most popular form of PPC advertising. To appear in Google searches via PPC, you will need to use Google’s AdWords service.

PPC as Part of Your St. Louis Internet Marketing Strategy PPC advertising can be an integral part of your overall online marketing strategy. It works fast and delivers valuable data and info that is helpful in determining the best focus for your other marketing channels.

The smart option is to view PPC advertising as one of several tools in your bag. It can help grow your business, but a comprehensive strategy is best for enhancing your online presence and delivering results.

Generating Traffic

PPC works well for targeted traffic. The obvious use is for your potential customer base where web users use search engines to search for products and services that you offer. There are a variety of other uses that direct specific and valuable traffic to your website.

  • Niche Keywords – Promote very specialized keywords for branding purposes.
  • Targeted Demographics – Generate specifically targeted traffic.
  • Direct Response Promotions – Sell readily available products on your ecommerce site.
  • Projects with Time Limitations – Use PPC for new product launches and to create buzz for digital marketing campaigns.

Conversions (vs. Clicks)

Because you pay for clicks, it’s easy to get the impression that more traffic is your goal, but that’s a very narrow game plan. Your true objective is more conversions.

This means that the people who are directed to your site actually become customers, clients or leads by making a purchase or taking other specific action that you are seeking. Concentrate on the steps necessary to achieve these conversions.

  • Are the keywords in your ad and its call to action (CTA) relevant to the information in your landing page?
  • Is your landing page optimized for converting a sale or qualified lead?
  • Are you and your PPC management team analyzing the data and making applicable changes?

Keyword Research

Identifying and using the most relevant keywords is at the heart of a successful PPC campaign. This is an ongoing, time consuming job that delivers valuable information as well as increased traffic. Your keyword lists should reflect the following:

  • Relevancy – Ensuring that the keywords you choose to promote are relevant to your product or services increases your conversion rate.
  • Comprehensiveness – Don’t stop with the obvious keywords. To generate conversions, you must target visitors who are ready to make a purchase.

    This is often determined by very narrow, focused searches, and incorporates the use of long-tail keywords. Another benefit to this is lower costs per click for these less competitive keywords, making your return on investment that much higher.

  • Responsiveness – As you learn what does and doesn’t work, your keywords should change to reflect this data. This includes identifying and avoiding negative keywords that lead to non-relevant searches and failed conversions.

Quality Ads

Your PPC Ad’s appearance in search engine results relies on more than just price. Google rewards the quality of your ad as well. A popular, high-quality ad that performs well creates greater click-through rates and leads to more conversions. Winning Ad Features

  • Features targeted keywords
  • Mirrors your prospects’ end goal
  • Addresses/solves prospects’ problem
  • Highlights benefits to prospects
  • Uses specifics/statistics
  • Countdown timer
  • Humorou
  • To the point/simple language
  • Personalizes with use of “you”
  • Incorporates social media trends
  • Localized to St. Louis

Content / Landing Page

 The landing page is the page on your website where your PPC ad directs your visitor, and is therefore vital in converting clicks into sales or qualified leads. A successful landing page must incorporate these features:

  • Well-aligned with your ad copy
  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Engaging subheading
  • Targeted content with effective messaging
  • Compelling, conspicuously positioned CTA
  • Accessible, easy to use lead capture form
  • Clean, attractive design
  • Optimized for mobile users

Importance of Skilled & Knowledgeable PPC Campaign Management

Choosing who designs and manages your PPC Ad Program is crucial to the development of an effective campaign. Your candidate will be responsible for successfully incorporating all of the features we have discussed.

At ZioSolutions, we are proud of our reputation in this area and our commitment to exemplary service. Our team delivers on these vital responsibilities.

  • Establish clear goals and set out a transparent plan to achieve them.
  • Provide exhaustive, comprehensive keyword research.
  • Create effective landing pages.
  • Understand how to use data from your PPC campaign to inform other marketing.
  • Offer a full range of online strategies and solutions – from website evaluation and web development to search engine optimization and competitor analysis.
  • Include the option of ongoing management.

Guaranteed Traffic Growth

With Pay per Click Management, your PPC Advertising is guaranteed to target specific customers and gain traffic to your business.

Increase Return on Investment

With targeted viewers and extensive keyword research, Pay per Click advertising can increase your return on investment.

Targeted Viewership

Pay per Click advertising targets online viewers searching for exactly what you have to offer. This ensures your website traffic is made up of ideal customers.

Extensive Research

We have developed a rigorous and extensive PPC research process. Discover average keyword market value, how much your keywords will cost, how much they are worth and valuable new phrases to rank for.

Weekly Re-Analysis

We re-analyze your Pay per Click (PPC) advertising campaign on a weekly basis to encompass additional keyword research and adjust your keyword spending to ensure continued success.

In-Depth Reporting

We have developed an in-depth proprietary data analytics reporting system that allows you to see how your PPC management campaign statistics are doing and where your money is going.

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