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Content Planning

What's Included?

Need help planning out your content but still want to execute internally? Our content planning services include:

  • Creation of a Content Calendar
  • Article Title Generation
  • Content Strategy Based on SEO and Target Audience

Article Title Generation

Article title generation is the generation of blog post titles based on SEO factors such as keyword research, keeping the best ranking opportunities in mind as well as your target audience. Receive a free content calendar when you get 4 or more articles at one time.

Content Calendar

Planning of when the articles will be published on a weekly basis over the course of a month. Minimum of 4 articles required (1 per week).

White-Labeled Copywriting

What's Included?

Know what you want to write about but need someone else to execute? Our content creation services include:

  • Articles With or Without Titles Provided
  • Articles Based on Relevant Topics
  • White-Label Copywriting

White-labeled copywriting to serve your content needs. Content can be purchased with or without titles provided as we can generate SEO optimized titles for you. Upon receiving your content, you will have up to one week to request any edits or changes, to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Content can be purchased in 250 word increments (minimum 500 words) with the price increasing every 250 words.

Content Formatting & Publishing

What's Included?

Have quality content but need someone to format and publish it? Our content publishing and formatting services include:

  • Scheduling of Articles
  • Image Implementation
  • Formatting

Formatting of content includes spacing, tagging, and implementation of any images provided. Along with formatting, we will publish/schedule the content to your blog for you.

Content Editing & SEO Optimizations

What's Included?

Wanting to take the performance of your content to the next level? Our content editing and seo optimization services include:

  • Content Editing
  • Article Review
  • SEO Optimization of Content
  • Keyword Targeting

Reviewal and editing of content in order to implement seo optimizations. We will optimize your content for seo based on the keyword it is targeting. We will adjust the title tag, headers, body, and meta description to ensure an ideal keyword density as well as shrink and optimize any images within the post.