Inbound Marketing Consultation

Complimentary Analysis and Strategy Session

This completely free inbound marketing analysis and strategy session will cover an overview and next steps for the following:

1. Buyer Personas and Ideal Clients

Identifying buyer personas and ensuring you are actively aware of and correctly targeting them is a critical foundation to any successful inbound marketing campaign.

2. Content Marketing

What types of content are you, or should you, be putting out? What keywords are you ranking for or not ranking for and would like to be? We will cover this and how to go about seeing more results from your content strategy.

3. Social Media

How can you most effectively utilize each platform for your industry? Everything from the types of posts, to when you post, to how often you post are vital to seeing real results from your social media endevours.

4. Email Marketing

Many companies miss out by not having a continous email marketing and nurturing campaign running. We will cover what you can be doing and how to recieve the best open and click-through rates with your campaigns.

5. Paid Advertising

Whether you have ran a paid campaign succesfully or not (or haven't ran one at all) we will cover what you did well, should have done or could do across Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads to see the highest return on investment.

6. Competitor Analysis

We will provide an overview for you and use an analysis of your competitors content strategies, organic search engine rankings, paid advertising attempts, and social media strategies to assist in your next steps.

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