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Why Your Business Should Use PPC and Social Media Advertising

By ZioSolutions

Millions of internet users seek online solutions every day. Businesses are therefore taking advantage of the situation and acquiring new clients through advertisements on social media and search engines.

It is indisputable that the internet is here to stay, and every business, big or small, needs to understand the importance of PPC and Social Media Advertising.

This article will outline the benefits of using these methods of advertisement and give tips on how to be successful at them.

What is PPC?

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a popular marketing strategy in this era. As the name suggests, businesses that use PPC pay a fee every time their advertisement is clicked on.

It is essentially a way of buying visits from ready buyers to a site or landing page, rather than generating them organically.

This method is unlike traditional advertising such as TV commercials, billboard ads, radio ads, and magazine ads.

This is because it focuses on advertising to an audience that is interested in the commodity or service. Only interested parties will click on the advertisement, and this eventually saves costs for your business.

If you are just establishing your business and are looking for a more cost efficient form of advertisement, PPC is definitely worth considering.

What Are the Advantages of Using PPC?

  • It's an efficient way of reaching the target audience
  • The results are measurable. All the visits to a website, costs, new clients, and profits or losses made are quantifiable and are necessary for guiding future strategies
  • PPC does not depend on SEO
  • Advertisements can reach an interested audience
  • Your business will benefit from brand recognition as clients will see your advertisements in search results

How to Get the Most Out of PPC?

1. Understand the Customer

Remember that the first priority for any business is the customer. For this reason, it is important to understand their needs and expectations. Google AdWords has created a great research tool; the Keyword Planner. It helps you understand how people are searching online.

2. Creation of Quality Landing Pages

People who land on a page that isn't relevant to what they were searching for are going to leave your offer frustrated.

Google has a way of determining the quality of content on your pages. The more relevant your page, the higher your relevancy score will be and in turn you will be able to hold higher positions for the keyword you are targeting.

3. What are your Goals?

Having a clear goal will help you put your budget into good use. The number of clicks, the visits to your page, the number of clients interested, and business transactions made should all be clearly outlined before the ad campaign begins.

4. What Search Engines Should You Consider?

The search engines considered should have the capacity to generate the traffic you need. Google AdWords and Bing Ad are the most common search engine PPC advertising platforms, and should, therefore, be a go-to for PPC.

Social Media Advertising

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This is the use of social media platforms for advertising. Some of the most common platforms being Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat.

These platforms are home to an endless amount of users and opportunities for you to reach new potential customers.

Why Should You Use Social Media Advertising?

1. Generate Traffic

Social media ads can be a great way to generate traffic to your business. When a user is going through their newsfeed, they are bound to stumble upon your advertisement and visit your website if they're in need of a specific product or service you provide.

2. Better Rankings

The use of social media platforms can be used to boost your SEO ranking potential through increased social shares. When more people visit your site, share your post and recommend your business to other users, you gain popularity within the online community.

3. Better Relationships

Social media is the best way to build a relationship with customers. All customers appreciate businesses that offer quick feedback and are willing to offer information.

As a business, you should concentrate on customer service on all social media platforms to lure in more customers. Remember that a bad review is easy to acquire, and you should do your best to receive good reviews.

4. Target Audience

Social media platforms such as Facebook will target the audience that is interested in your products through a user’s likes, and information provided online. These are known as interest based ads.

Places of living, likes, hobbies, education levels and careers play a crucial role in determining the adverts that a potential customer would like to see.

5. Building Trust

A strong social media presence generates trust among customers. Most satisfied customers will happily recommend your business to family and friends, especially if their questions can be answered within minutes.

6. Problem Alerts

Business owners can easily work on problems because customers will easily state their complaints. If a customer visits your store and is not well served, you have a chance to rectify it once a bad review is given. You can also offer a personal apology to the customer.

7. Affiliation

Social media platforms are a great way of advertising with celebrities and influencers. For example, if a celebrity is doing business with you, they may share their experience on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

As a result, the celebrity’s fans and following are more likely to visit your website and do business with you.

Before Using Social Media Advertising, Remember to:

  • Create a budget: The budget is the driving force behind the amount of advertisements you need, the platforms to consider, and if outsourcing; company to be hired. A budget will also help you set aside enough funds to keep the adverts running, without getting losses from your business.
  • Consider the prices from different social media platforms: Afterward, choose one that has the target audience you require and fits within your budget.
  • Keep mobiles in mind as you design your ads. The ads should change to small sizes for mobile users.


The use of PPC and social media advertising are great ways to generate traffic for your business, reach potential customers, respond to customer feedback and build trust.

With a good budget, adequate research and a qualified marketing team, your business will see positive results from PPC and social media advertising.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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