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Why You Should be Using Video and Tips for Great Video Content

By ZioSolutions

Video marketing as a strategy has exploded in the past few years. People seem to enjoy consuming high-quality videos as a way to connect with a business or brand.

This isn't surprising as you can do so much with video and quickly attract people's attention. If a person lands on your website and sees that you have a video to watch, they are much more likely to stay than click on that dreaded back arrow icon.

Here are some reasons why you should implement video into your marketing strategy:

A Boost In Conversions and Sales

Young Creatives Discussing Business

Videos have the ability to boost conversions and increase sales. If you have a product you want to sell, you're likely to have a lot more conversions by using an explanation video on a landing page to show how your product works or help showcase it's value.

Producing videos gives you a chance to connect a face to your brand. Think about attaching an object, character or animal to the message of your videos so that it creates a stronger personal experience for anyone who watches.

You can also make your videos memorable by shooting them at locations that resonate with your brand. Brainstorm ideas and keep the theme of your message consistent.

A Boost In ROI

Initially, it may cost a little more to produce a video about a given subject. However, it can quickly prove worth it as the potential reach it provides could result in enough sales to make up for the cost and more.

Over time, the ROI of a handful of share worthy videos will continue to increase as it generates more leads and closes more sales.

Make sure that you're producing great content when you create your videos. Plan out what the purpose of each video will be. In order to get the most results you need to provide true value to your viewers.

By doing so your audience will be more likely to take action either by way of sharing your content or converting into a customer.

Building Trust

People are more likely to interact and engage with your business when there's a sense of trust. It's easier to build trust with potential customers by providing them with helpful and informative videos.

Your goal should always be to build trust and a long-term relationship with your audience. Video has the ability to spark interest, tap into emotions, and truly engage with your following.

If you consistently produce high-quality videos that address pain points and remain helpful, you'll develop trust with your audience and build loyalty with your customers.

Testimonial videos are a great way to build trust with potential customers. People can see that others have taken a leap of faith before them and have been satisfied with your products or services.

Encouraging Social Shares

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Increase your brand's exposure by posting your video content on social platforms. Engage with feedback and encourage sharing.

Evoke emotion and provide consistent messages that will resonate with your target audience. By doing so you're videos will be more likely to get shared.

Mix up the type of videos that you produce with ones that are fun and entertaining. People like to watch videos that make them laugh or create some type of positive feeling.

Don't be afraid to show your brand's personality and let your customers see the people who work behind the scenes at your company.

Search Engines

One of the key elements of Google's algorithm is the emphasis on providing valuable content. Google wants visitors to have a fantastic experience when they send them to your website.

You'll want to be sure to optimize any videos that you embed on your website with descriptions and titles so that Google understands the relevance of your videos for ranking purposes.

Create links to your products from your informational videos, to see higher conversions since you're making it easy to take the next step.

Engage with Mobile Users

Video is a great way to provide information fast, especially to mobile users. You can entertain or feed them information when they are commuting or on a lunch break.

Smartphone users are much more likely to watch a video than try to scroll through a bunch of text. Take advantage of this and give them the content they want.

Mobile users will also feel a deeper connection to your brand since their phone is a much more personal device. Strive to create an experience that resonates with your viewers on a personal level to engage with them even deeper.

Allows for Easier Explanation

Business Man Explaining Something

It's much easier to explain how one of your products works by leveraging video to help explain it. Difficult concepts are much easier to grasp when they are interpreted through visualization and demonstration.

One way that you can create interest in explanation videos is by using animation. It can be difficult making your brand look unique to customers.

Animation changes things up and allows you to experiment. Throw videos with animation into the mix with your other videos to add creativity to your video strategy.

Use Videos with Advertising

Video ads receive the highest click through rates when compared to any other type of format. A non-skippable video ad that's used on YouTube will be watched clear through to the end by 92 percent of the viewers.

These type of ads are also great attention grabbers on social media platforms like Facebook. You have a greater chance of engaging with potential customers when you use these type of ads on a consistent basis.

You can also use simple images and text on Facebook ads to drive them to your Facebook Page. Include a video with the post that you drive them to and watch your engagement increase.

Videos In Email Campaigns

If you have a list of email subscribers that you are currently marketing to, try using videos to increase engagement.

Consider including in the subject line that there's a video available for them to watch. This can help increase your click through rates and better relay the message you want to give them.

By producing valuable videos and distributing them through various platforms, you'll be increasing customer engagement, establishing trust, building brand loyalty, and increasing your bottom line.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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