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Why Inbound Marketing Makes the Most Sense for Boosting Conversions and ROI

By Geoff King


As a business owner, you know that marketing is a crucial component of your success. You may have the best products or services in your industry, but if your target audience doesn’t know about them, your revenue won’t exist.

If you’ve been allocating your marketing dollars to traditional avenues such as radio ads, billboards, direct mail or newspaper ads, there’s a good chance you haven’t been impressed by the results.

While these “old school” marketing tactics may have their place in certain situations, there’s a new marketing method that thousands of businesses have been using that has resulted in higher conversions and improved ROI, and it’s called inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing Concept

Inbound marketing is an online approach to marketing that is designed to have your prospects find you at various stages of the buying process, using a variety of online tools and platforms.

Where traditional marketing is pushy and interrupts people to get attention and make a sale, inbound marketing is more about drawing potential customers in by having them decide to interact with you through relevant and helpful information.

This “pull” instead of “push” mentality lets potential customers feel as though they are in control of the process, removing elements of resentment or bitterness and making it so you no longer have to fight for their attention.

Components of Inbound Marketing that Make It So Effective

Your inbound marketing campaigns will usually include a variety of components, including blog posts, social media, pay-per-click advertising and email campaigns.

A good inbound marketing campaign enables you to interact with prospects in the places they feel comfortable, without them having to feel as though they are being sold something.

In its purest form, inbound marketing answers questions and provides information your prospects will find useful in their own lives.

It personalizes the process, so they feel as though you have their most pressing needs and wants in mind, which you do.

The Right Prospects at the Right Time

Man Using Watch Telling Time

Having the ability to use a multitude of different channels to reach your potential customers allows them to “find” you when they need what you have.

It also enables them to share your products and services, sales, promotions and other information with like-minded people.

Continuing the Conversation

Another powerful aspect of inbound marketing is your ability to continue the conversation and market to your prospects again and again.

There must have been at least one instance when you’ve exchanged your email address for an ebook, case study or other piece of information that you found relevant.

Those subsequent emails, newsletters, offers, and promotions are inbound marketing in action.

The Ultimate Platform for Tracking, Testing and Measuring Results

Another issue that often crops up with traditional marketing activities is the inability to effectively track results and measure ROI.

With inbound marketing, advanced analytics are available that allow you to test minute details of landing pages, pay-per-click ads, and emails.

Sometimes, something as simple as changing a headline around can result in a big boost in sign-ups or conversions.

With inbound marketing, you will know where you stand every step of the way, so you aren’t wasting money on tactics or techniques that are ineffective.

Why Now is the Best Time to Get Started

Inbound marketing is relatively new, but it has demonstrated proven results, and it isn’t so new that your competitors aren’t already using it.

The days of intruding into someone’s life to make a sale are over, and while inbound marketing is hardly a timid approach, it is what the current marketplace demands.

If you’ve been frustrated because of poor marketing results, it’s time to give inbound marketing a try. Give us a call at ZioSolutions today for more information and to help get the process started.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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