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What it Takes to Have a Lead Generating Website

By Nick Raineri


Having a website is becoming more and more vital to the success and growth of any business.

It offers another platform for businesses to connect and satisfy their current customers as well as increase their reach to other prospective buyers.

If done right, a business’s website can be one of if not the top sources of generating new leads and customers.

Here’s what it takes to have a lead generating website:

Structured Path:

First you will need to layout a structured path. This will be how your visitors will ideally navigate through your website.

It’s important to make sure this path is clear. In order to do this, every page should have a clear next step.

Making your various pages’ content aligns to the buyer’s journey will help you determine what next step should be had and ultimately keep your path clear.

Ask yourself, “Why would someone be visiting this page?” “What will they get out of it?” “What’s the Purpose?”

This will come in handy when aligning your content and creating your structured path. Do this and you’ll see the amount of visitors converting into leads and the overall usability of your site increase.


Content On Chalkboard

Content will be largely what gets visitors to your site and the first page most will visit. This will include your blog posts, webinars, podcasts and more.

Make sure this content benefits the viewer in some way. One of the best ways to do this is by having educational content.

Going back to aligning your content to the buyer’s journey, put yourself in your viewer’s shoes.

Think about a problem they may have and try to provide some tips or a solution for their problem through your content.

Be informative. Show that you have your viewer’s best interest in mind and with your content you’re trying to help.

Calls-to-Action/Content Offers:

Book Now Call To Action

A great way to keep visitors on your path is with call-to-actions. This will provide an easy way for them to take the next step.

This could be to receive a free content offer, sign up for a live webinar, sign up for an upcoming event or more.

Content offers are great and simple ways to capture people’s information and convert them into leads.

This can range from ebooks to whitepapers and checklists. Whatever it may be make sure it’s relevant content and provides value to the lead.

These offers should also align with the buyer’s journey and can provide a logical next step for many blog posts.

Landing Pages/Forms:

Landing pages and forms are how you will capture information about your visitors.

Think about what information you are wanting to receive and what makes sense to ask for.

If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your landing pages but you’re not seeing results, try doing some tests and find what works best for your target audience.

Lessen the information you ask for on the form, add or change the placement of a picture, or maybe make it more clear what action needs to be taken.  

Each landing page could be different and each form could ask for different information depending on who you’re targeting and what the offer is.

Keep this in mind when creating your own landing pages and start seeing the leads pour in.

Thank You Pages:

After a lead fills out a form and claims your offer, they should be taken to a thank you page. Here they will be able to download their offer and be provided with relevant or high performing content.

Thank you pages can serve as a confirmation after an action is taken and can help keep people on your site. Provide links to content they might be interested in.

Stick with your path mindset. If the action they just took was for an awareness stage offer, try to direct them to consideration stage content and so on and so forth.


Creating a structured path will keep your website organized. Your content will serve more of a purpose and users will have clear next steps to take and be more likely to move throughout your site.

This process will repeat itself as visitors convert into leads and are taken throughout the buyer’s journey. From awareness to consideration to decision.

Follow a structured path and you will see your website start to be more effective in no time.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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