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Why Your Business Should Use PPC and Social Media Advertising

ZioSolutions | Sep 18, 2017

Topics: Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Business Tips

Millions of internet users seek online solutions every day. Businesses are therefore taking advantage of the situation and acquiring new clients through advertisements on social media and search engines.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing and Advertising

ZioSolutions | Jul 24, 2017

Topics: Social Media, Social Media Advertising

Social media is truly one of our modern world's phenomena, helping people keep in touch with one another without being there in person, or even using the phone.

How to Boost Your Brand with Social Media Advertising

ZioSolutions | Dec 26, 2016

Topics: Social Media, Social Media Advertising

Introduction: In this social media-saturated world we live in, it should come as no surprise a great way for businesses to expand their brand is through social media advertising. Before this is done, you need to develop some sort of following. There are ways to buy followers, however this won't do you much good.