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Inbound Sales vs Traditional Selling: Main Differences and Tips

ZioSolutions | Jul 26, 2017

Topics: Sales, Sales Tips

The traditional selling methods involved making cold calls and hoping that someone would respond positively.

B2B Sales: What is it and Tips for Closing More B2B Sales

ZioSolutions | Jun 26, 2017

Topics: Sales, Sales Tips

If you've recently landed a new job or promotion as a B2B salesman or account executive, congratulations!

Sales Strategy: Keys to Having a Successful Sales Strategy

ZioSolutions | Jun 21, 2017

Topics: Sales, Sales Tips, Business Tips

Target Market Knowing your target market in business is very important. The first thing you should do when coming up with a sales strategy is to define your target market.

Sales Enablement: What it is and Best Practices to Keep in Mind

ZioSolutions | May 30, 2017

Topics: Sales, Sales Tips

Introduction: If you are new to online marketing, there are a lot of terms and ideas that you are just learning about.