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Top Ways to Increase Your Social Media Following

By ZioSolutions


If you’re a small business, you’ve probably heard about some of the benefits that a social media page can bring you.

As one of the best tools for marketing your business, social media allows you to connect with new customers and build an audience of followers who can develop into leads.

One of the most crucial parts of having a successful social media page is having the right followers.

If you’re not delivering your message to the right audience, you won’t see the benefits of social media marketing.

There are a few strategies you can try if you want to grow your social media following and ensure they’re the right people.

Here are four strategies you can try right now to increase your social media following:

1. Participate in Discussions

People Sitting At Table Discussion

Discussions are a great way to share your information and develop a relationship with someone that may want to follow you.

One popular way to participate in discussions on social media is through things such as Twitter Chats.

Certain businesses and industry leaders host a Twitter chat each week to go over a different topic.

Using a hashtag associated with the chat, you and other individuals in your industry can answer questions, discuss topics, and find individuals to exchange ideas with.

2. Create Sharable Content

Each of your posts should have a message that can be shared with others. Whether it is a relatable post, useful information, or an inside look at you and your company.

Everything you put on social media should have the potential to be shared with new audiences.

If you can get your current followers to share your content with their own followers, then you have a good chance of developing some new followers.

3. Promote Engagement

Facebook Like In Coffee

Engagement is the foundation of stimulating discussions and active followers, ones who will interact with your posts and be more likely to share them.

This means that if you want to grow your audience, you need to get some conversation around you and your company started.

In your social media posts, ask questions or suggest your audience leave feedback. Make sure your questions are open-ended because they offer much more room for discussion than multiple-choice.

4. Push Longer Content on Your Website

When you’re on social media, you’re restricted in the amount of content you can post. However, you need to position yourself as an expert in your industry if you want people to follow you.

So how should you show your expertise without overwhelming your followers on social media?

Pushing fans back to your website to read more content is a great way to do both. Because social media acts as the top of the funnel for inbound marketing, pushing them to visit your website will get them one step closer to becoming a lead.

With these four strategies, you can be on your way to growing your social media following. Through getting your name out there, connecting with new individuals, and showing that you have information worth reading, you’ll build a strong base of followers.

I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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