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Marketing Collateral: What it is and How to Use it Effectively

By ZioSolutions


Whether you're new to the world of marketing or have been involved in marketing campaigns for years, it's important to have a deep understanding of what marketing collateral is and how to effectively use it.

By understanding these marketing terms and ideas, your marketing campaigns should get a substantial boost in both efficacy and variety.

What is Marketing Collateral?

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Marketing collateral is basically used to describe efforts by a company to support their primary advertising message for consumers. It's also used as a means of communicating this information to channel partners.

While marketing collateral was once focused entirely on printed materials, there are a whole host of digital media options when you wish to bolster your advertising campaign with marketing collateral.

Marketing collateral can take many forms, from web blogs and newsletters to PowerPoint presentations. The marketing collateral you create for your main advertising message can turn a middling advertising campaign into a successful one that draws in new customers and boosts your brand image.

Types of Marketing Collateral


White papers are some of the most commonly used and readily effective types of marketing collateral for any business that chooses to use them.

These are basically authoritative marketing documents used as a means of enticing customers to consider a service, product, or even methodology.

These papers can generate sales leads and be provided to channel partners when you wish to inform them of anything from a solution to a business problem to the benefits of a product you're currently offering.

It's essential that the topics you write about in a white paper match the objectives that you have for your brand and business as a whole.

PowerPoint Presentations

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PowerPoint Presentations are decidedly effective when used as marketing collateral for your main advertising message. However, these presentations aren't as easy to get right as some of the other types of marketing collateral.

If you've been in business meetings before, you've undoubtedly had to suffer through a poorly done PowerPoint presentation. Some tips and guidelines for making an effective PowerPoint presentation include:

  • Be concise and to the point - You don't want to waste your customer's or client's time with a boring and overly long presentation, which is why it's essential to keep the slides concise by including only the most important information
  • Have a better understanding of your goals - Make sure that you fully understand what your business goals are before going into a presentation so that you can best align your goals with the goals of the customer during the presentation
  • Pay strict attention to the rule of three - Studies have shown that people tend to remember information better when it's presented in groups of three, which you should always keep in mind when creating the slides for your presentation

Case Studies

Case studies make for great marketing collateral when you want to show customers some stories of similar work that you've completed in the past.

Customers want to hear and know about the experiences that other customers have gone through, as these stories are more readily believed to be factual.

These case studies need to be centered around how whatever product or service you offer served as a solution for a problem that the customer had.


Videos are some of the more versatile types of marketing collateral around, as they allow you to better summarize the message and information that you wish to convey while also placing a human face or snazzy production qualities onto your brand.

As marketing collateral, these videos should have a lot of references to the main advertising message for your brand and business.

Blog Content

If you understand how to write blog content that will capture the attention of readers, this content can prove to be highly effective as marketing collateral.

However, it must be updated on a regular basis in order for you to grow your customer base. You should consider writing blogs to:

  • Provide product updates
  • Compare different technologies
  • Provide solutions to some common problems
  • Provide educational articles

How to Use Marketing Collateral Effectively

The key to using marketing collateral effectively is to follow some simple steps that will have you crafting successful collateral pieces in no time.

Define Objectives

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Each separate piece of marketing collateral has its own unique objective that's different from that of your main advertising campaign.

This collateral is meant to supplement your campaign, so it needs to stand out. For one, ask yourself which type of customer you're targeting, current ones or new ones.

You should also ask yourself whether you want to boost your brand awareness or promote a sale. Each piece of collateral should have a core objective.

Capture Attention Quickly

You want to capture the attention of your customer as quickly as possible, which is best achieved with phrases that pique the interest of the customer or images that quickly tell what it is they need to know.

Infographics are especially effective when used with marketing collateral. In order to best capture the attention of your target audience, conduct in-depth research on them so you can better understand their needs and what it is you can do for them.

Integrate Collateral Into Advertising Campaigns

Once you've created your marketing collateral, you'll want to integrate it seamlessly into your advertising campaigns.

Filter this collateral into your current e-mail and digital campaigns so that you can get a good ROI on the content as quickly as possible. Add videos to your social media platforms or case studies to your website's landing pages.


Now that you know what marketing collateral is and how you can use it effectively, start creating new pieces of marketing collateral immediately and you'll quickly find out just how effective it can be for your brand and your business.

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