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Making Marketing Personal - How to Personalize Your Campaigns

By ZioSolutions

Are you a marketing professional wanting to find a new, creative approach to promoting your company? Have you felt static for some time now and want to see your brand get the spark back again?

At the end of the day, all customers want is to feel listened to and to feel valued. You can add that extra special touch and build that relationship with them by boosting your personalization efforts in your next marketing or social media campaign.

Here's 5 ways you can make marketing personal by personalizing your campaigns:

1. Address Email Recipients By First Name

Person Sending Email

The first and easiest way to add a touch of personalization to your next marketing campaign is to use an email platform that allows you to pull in the first names of your email recipients. All you need is the first name and a greeting, such as "Dear Mary."

This element is informal yet personal. It is casual yet meaningful. It sets up the customer for your message following and makes the email as a whole feel more personal.

2. Reply to Customer Comments on Social Media

A quick and easy way to personalize your marketing campaigns is to use social media to illicit responses and to engage with your customers.

Let's say a layer of your new marketing campaign is to utilize social media for promotion. Whenever you make a post related to the campaign, try to ask a question as part of the "call to action." From there, you are likely to get customers responding in the comments section of your post.

The next part is where you can really up your personalization game. Reply to the person in the comments section and address them by name. Answer their question or leave a comment quickly and put some thought into it!

This will further solidify in the customer's mind that you value your company and you value the customer experience and opinion. Comments on social media are by default public, so everyone else will be able to read your exchange -- which is even better (and free) promotion for your brand!

3. Create a Custom Shopping Cart

Man Viewing Online Shopping Cart

One smart way companies are learning to meet the needs of customers is to survey their usual purchases and to recommend additional or new products they may be interested in.

There are several ways of going about creating a personalized shopping cart experience, but the easiest, least intruding way to do it, is to put up a screen when the customer logs into their account on your site.

The screen will suggest new products they may be interested in and gives them the option of adding them to their shopping cart quickly.

This is better than the default shopping cart in which the products are already added because there is less work for the customer. If they don't want something, they don't have to remove it from the cart.

4. Give an Opportunity for Feedback

Your most loyal customers can be some of your best product testers and advocates. Give your customer the chance to weigh in throughout your marketing campaign to see how they are taking in the message and experiencing it.

For example, you might send a quick, fun quiz via email to them asking them to give feedback on a product you are marketing.

You can incentivize it by offering a prize for completion -- such as a discount off the new product you are marketing. Create an opportunity to continue building that relationship with your customer by asking for feedback.

5. Send a Personalized Gift

Woman Holding Small Gift Box

Finally, no new marketing campaign is complete without its own exclusive that has been branded to promote the campaign.

You can further the reach of your campaign and build awareness for a new product by sending your top customers personalized items as a gift in the mail.

This can be anything from a branded canvas grocery bag to a smaller version of the product you are selling -- such as a mini keychain flashlight.

Think outside the box and reward your best customers with a personalized version of that item. For example, along with your brand logo or campaign message, you can include the customer's first name. It's a sweet gift that customers will use if they like what you are sending them.

This can be a great and simple way to get your brand and name out there while  establishing a better connection with your customers.

Are You Ready to See More (and More Loyal) Customers?

Building a brand is about building a relationship with the people who are going to come back year after year for your products or services.

But that doesn't just happen one day. Over time, your customers begin to trust you and to see you as a company that doesn't only provide the items they want and need -- but that you are also a company that truly cares about who they are and what they have to say.


Add that special layer of trust and relationship by making marketing personal in your next marketing campaign.

It's easy to do -- and your little effort will make a big impact over time. Experiment with these five easy tips to see which ones work the best for you.

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