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How to Create Enticing Subject Lines for Your Outreach Emails

By ZioSolutions

The Internet has changed a lot of things about our everyday lives. These days, most advertising is done online or via email.

Unfortunately, many people aren't aware that the way we advertise also needs to change with the changing of technology.

The end goal is to get people to click on your email, and then take action based on the subject matter at hand. So, how do you make sure you're talking to a relevant audience instead of one that can just as easily click delete on your email?

Here are some ways you can see more success with your subject lines and outreach emails:


Nobody likes junk mail, in snail mail or spam form. You ignore it, we all ignore it. One of the most sure-fire ways to make someone disregard your email is by making it too generic.

Avoid this by using personalization in your emails and setting the context. Consider creating email scripts that leave room for personalization tokens and places to put content relevant to that individual recipient.

By doing so, your emails will better resonate with who you are sending to, and by setting the context in the subject line, your open rates are likely to increase.

Be Quirky

The world is changing, and people today appreciate humor. Even if your business is a large banking institution, people prefer to read quirky or interesting things than dry or boring information they will forget as soon as they've seen it.

In fact, the more serious your company is, the more a little levity will be appreciated. It reminds people that human beings are behind the business and will help develop a connection between you and your audience.

Learn About the Internet

This seems like a strange piece of advice, since you're probably reading this on the internet right now. However, there is a growing divide in communication between younger and older people that hasn't really existed in the past, at least not in the same way.

The language and trends the internet age has brought are much different than that of the past and that is causing a massive disconnect between the younger and older generations.

Learning the language of the internet, keeping up with new trends, and keeping track of what's socially relevant are all important. It's not the language itself you need to know, but the ways in which to use it.

By finding out what appeals to your target audience you can help ensure the context of your offers. Apply what you find to your subject lines and test out what works for you to increase your email engagement.

Offer Value

What is your email blast offering? Your emails should offer some sort of real value to the recipient, something they will benefit from.

Your emails need to resonate with the recipient. Do this by offering the solution to a pain point they're suffering from or by offering helpful advice about something they're interested in.

Make it clear in the subject line the value they will be getting from this email. Combine this with true value within the email itself to not only get people to open your emails, but to take next steps as well.

Consider the Subject

So, you have your enticing email all ready to go. It's quirky, it's fun, it's appropriately humorous and offers some kind of value to the reader. What's the best way to title the email itself so that people will ultimately click on it and read what you've got to say?

Well, all of the advice applies to the subject line of your email as well as the subject itself. There's a reason articles are called 'click bait'.

People are curious and they click to read the rest of the story. This type of article is now going by the wayside, but the general concept remains true.

Consider the type of email you're sending out. Is it quirky or weird? Then make the subject quirky or weird. If it's a list, make sure that's evident in the title.

People prefer to read things that are organized in lists or bullet points. Finally, remember to be relevant to the audience you're sending to, appealing to their interests and humor. What would make them want to click?


There are multiple ways to get the attention of people you are emailing. The most important point to consider is the recipient.

Would they click on this subject? Would they find it interesting enough to read the entire thing? Would they benefit from this email?

If so, then you know you've got a winner when it comes to enticing subject lines. If not, then it's back to the drawing board. In the end, the action your readers take is up to them, but these tips will help you encourage that all-important first click.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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