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How to Boost Your Brand with Social Media Advertising

By ZioSolutions


In this social media-saturated world we live in, it should come as no surprise a great way for businesses to expand their brand is through social media advertising. Before this is done, you need to develop some sort of following. There are ways to buy followers, however this won't do you much good.

Followers who are bought generally aren't interested in your brand or your content. Getting followers organically and through advertisements will pay off in the long run. It will allow you to publish your posts and content to a more relevant audience and you will see more engagement as a result.

In this post, we're going to look at how you can boost your brand through social media advertising.

Prioritize the Social Networks of Your Target Audience

While it's always a good idea to be on the top platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, it's important to know which ones are the best for you.

If you're running a small boutique shop, Instagram and Pinterest might be your best bet. If you're a sports betting site, you might be better off on Facebook and Twitter.

No matter where you go, it's important to keep up a regularly-updated profile. It'll do you no good if a customer is trying to tweet about your business and they have no way of doing so. There are a few ways of checking to see where your customers are mostly going in social media.

You can ask your customers, run an anonymous survey, use your share data, see where your competitors are getting shared at, do some keyword research, or check if your industry is somehow active in the network.

Optimize your Social Profiles

Whether or not you already have your social media profiles set up or have yet to create them, you should always be thinking about how you can optimize those profiles.

This will include choosing an easily identified username, using a recognizable user photo, such as your logo, using concise and clear descriptions of your business, and leading people right back to your website using a trackable link.

Since social media updates are included in the search results, you could also optimize the content that you're actually publishing on those networks.

For example, incorporating keywords into your posts can be a good way of getting your brand out there. Just don't shoehorn in the keyword in an awkward way.

Promote Your Social Presence Everywhere

Everywhere means everywhere. Promote your social media profiles on your site, in your blog, on your storefront if you have one. This is a great way for people to engage with your brand and expand it through word of mouth.

What's even better is that social media sites are increasingly providing follow buttons that you can easily incorporate into your site. This way, you can get someone to follow you without them even having to leave your site.

Cross promotion is encouraged as well. This means that you can let your Facebook fans know that they can become your Twitter follower or any other combination that might be best suited to you.

A little creativity never hurt, especially when it comes to increasing your social media following and eventually growing your customer base.

Now that Facebook owns Instagram, there are even ways to share Instagram photos on Facebook and then make an option to view those photos on Instagram. This is an ingenious little way to get even more views.

You can also use your unique Snapcode that you got from Snapchat to engage with fans by getting them to become friends with you on Snapchat.

Add Social Sharing Buttons to All of Your Content

In the same way that you should be promoting all of your content and using follow buttons and all manner of strategies to build your social media base, you should also be sure to add social sharing buttons to every page of your content.

By getting your fans to evangelize for you, they'll become more engaged with the brand while at the same time exposing it to people who might not have otherwise engaged with it or even known what it was in the first place.

Sharing is crucial to building a good base, and this is one of the easiest ways to build up on your number of social followers.


By developing a good base and following on your social accounts you will allow yourself to get the most out of your social media advertising campaigns.

Make sure you have a strong presence on the platforms that your target audience uses. Optimize your profiles to get the most out of each platform. And lastly, promote your social presence via things such as social sharing buttons.

By following these steps you will set yourself up for effective social media ad campaigns and start seeing results in no time.

I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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