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Business Growth: 15 Tips for Growing Your Business in 2017

By ZioSolutions

Looking for ways to help your business grow in 2017? Look no further! Below are fifteen sure-fire ways to make sure you see growth this year.

1. Create a Content Strategy

Business Strategy Meeting

In order to engage with your customers, you have to be able to deliver quality content that communicates simple truths and provides valuable insight. Focus on consistent messages while remaining helpful to your readers.

A quality content strategy can go a long way in generating and nurturing leads throughout the buyer's journey.

2. Embrace Webinars

Webinars can get a bad rap these days. However, a well-crafted and informative webinar that actually helps people can create a sense of loyalty and affinity between you and your audience.

Consider using a webinar as part of a lead generation campaign in the coming quarter to take your campaign's results to the next level.

3. Tighten Up the Office

In a busy world, it can be easy to let things go unchecked for months, or sometimes even years. Most likely, if that's happening to you, you have money or other resources going straight out the window.

You wouldn't think that tightening up operational control of your business would lead to increased profits, but if you can bring your operating expenses down, you'll notice that profit margin slowly start to rise.

4. Create an Upsell

An up-sell is simply something that you can tack onto an existing product at a somewhat premium price.

For example, a local lawn care company does this. After cutting a lawn, they point out areas that can be improved on, such as weed control, regular fertilizing services, and even fire-ant extermination. Usually, these services can be completed while the person is already there in the first place, so there's no extra travel or overhead involved outside of a little time and material.

Look at your company and current product or service line-up. What can you tack on to your current offering that you know your clients will jump at?

5. Switch Pay Scale to Commission Based

Sales Agent Talking to Client

This isn't for everyone, but if you have a pay structure in place with your salesmen that is part-salary/part-commission, and you have a bevy of loyal clients, consider switching some of your best salesmen to full commission.

Before doing so, explain to them the changes that would take place and get them on board. They'll be incentivized to grow your business, since they don't get paid if you don't get paid.

6. Diversify

If you sell one product or service at a high rate, what's stopping you from offering several more services or product that pertain to the original?

A roofing company can offer roofing repairs as well, a restaurant can offer catering services, etc. Just because you have a primary market cornered doesn't mean you should limit yourself from expanding to worth-while opportunities.

7. Offer Subscription Services

Even though they are very well-paid, Lawyers discovered long ago that they can make a more consistent salary, and sometimes even higher, if they were kept on a retainer. In essence, signing a contract for a set sum every month where their services are at the discretion of the company.

Some months they work their tail off, others they don't, but it's worth looking into. If you are in a service based business, or even goods-based where your product is needed regularly, consider adding a subscription option to your current offering.

8. Run the Numbers

Are you making your decisions based on facts or emotions? Check the numbers on your business, and ask yourself where you can tighten things up, and then ask yourself why you haven't done so yet?

Are you paying for a location that isn't being utilized? Do you have a delivery service that you could cut costs in the long run by buying your own trucks? The numbers don't lie, so check your numbers objectively and see where you can make improvements.

9. Use Modern Technology

You'd be surprised, but there are still people out there that don't use e-mail. Regardless, if you want to make the best use of your time and resources, embracing modern technology is some of the best ways to streamline your service.

If you don't have a website, get one. If you have one that isn't optimized, optimize it. If your online presence is stellar, consider developing an app or some other additional way to communicate with your audience. Regardless, embrace the gifts that technology has to offer.

10. Highlight Your Strengths

Business Woman Success Concept

Up until this point you may have been focusing time on things that simply aren't panning out. There's no better time than now, to stop spending time on lackluster tasks and resources and to truly highlight your strengths.

What has worked for your business so far? How can you improve upon what's already working and what have you learned from what hasn't worked?

11. Outsource

Outsourcing can ber a valid option for basic and/or repeatable tasks. Instead of taking the time and spending the resources to do these tasks in house, consider outsourcing to save time and money when appropriate.

12. Optimize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is, simply put, the tasks your perform to optimize your website and pages for search engine results.

While learning SEO can be difficult, the difference in website traffic and potential revenue between the first ranking spots in a given search result and those after, is tremendous.

Optimizing your website for SEO will go a long way in increasing organic traffic to your website and in turn help you grow your business.

13. Revaluate Your Budget

Take a look at your budget. What areas have shown promise and that you could benefit from pouring more assests in? And what areas have shown to underperform and that you could benefit from lessening the amount spent?

By revaluating your budget you will be able to see what areas you should be spending more money in and which expenses you could spend less on or cut out completely.

14. Focus on the Customers

Some businesses focus solely on the money, but what Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg have in common is that their businesses both focused on providing a solid customer experience - and they were paid back in spades. Focus on the customer in your line of work, and the money will follow.

15. Re-Invest

Instead of letting excess revenue sit, reinvest it into research and development, operations, or invest in your people by handing out a few bonuses. It may seem like wasted money at the start, but you'll start to see the benefits very quickly.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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