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Bing Video: Tips for Getting Your Videos to Rank in Bing

By ZioSolutions


Online marketing is important for any type of content that will be posted online, including videos for Bing.

Without the use of different marketing tactics, consumers simply won't be able to find the majority of videos that get posted.

These five tips will not only help get your videos to rank on Bing, it will also drive new followers toward your posted content.

Use Targeted Keywords

Keyword Targeting Concept

Using keywords is a crucial way to help people find your videos. Essentially what these keywords do is allow people using search engines - like Bing - find videos based on the words they type in.

This is where your keywords come in. You want to make sure that these keywords are closely related to the actual content that you are posting, as abusing false keywords can lead to a video being taken down or bad reviews.

Videos are a little more difficult for utilizing keyword integration, as keywords can't typically be placed right in the content itself, which is the video.

However, you still want your keywords to look natural, not like they were just tossed in randomly.

To help your video rank on Bing, make sure to include keywords in the title of the video, the video description and the URL. We will talk more on the importance of the video description a little later.

Include Social Links

One of the things that Bing loves - which can help you toward getting your video ranked - is any links that target social media websites.

This doesn't mean links advertising how many likes you are getting on Facebook or how many times one of your Twitter posts has been favorited.

While these metrics are also important, they're aren't really that valuable for your ranking on Bing. You're looking for metrics like retweets on Twitter, which spreads content to a wider range of audience.

There is known to be a very strong correlation between rankings on Bing and social media links. The three top correlations are Facebook comments, Facebook shares and Twitter retweets.

When you include social media links with your videos - whether it is linked to an interesting article, other videos or related content - your videos and content can become very powerful.

You can even tie links to a respectable social media presence, which can be someone other than yourself or your business.

Use SEO On-Page

SEO tactics can be used a variety of ways, and this includes on the actual page your content is featured.

One of the ways Bing ranks videos is through the type of SEO that a video and its creators employ

While social media links are the number one way to rank on Bing, using on-page SEO tactics is the second best way. So what can be done with on-page SEO tactics to help make your video ranked on Bing?

First, you always want to look at your URL. You want your URL to be relevant and ideally contain a keyword.

You always want to make sure your URL is something consumer friendly, not too long and easy to understand.

Adding modifiers to your video title can also help you rank for longer keyword variations. Some of these modifiers could be "best", "guide", "2017", "review" or more.

These modifiers can improve your Bing ranking by specifying search results. You also want to make use of relavent outbound links such as sources in your video description.

These links help search engines determine the relevancy of content. Content with outbound links typically performs better than content without outbound links.

Focus on Descriptions

The description of your video is very important, as it should succinctly tell consumers why they want to watch your video or explore your content.

These descriptions will also show up on a Bing search when your content appears. This description is the number one thing that will work towards improving the number of people that find and watch your video.

Remember that the description should be written for humans, a short sentence or two that explains the video and why it should be watched.

Make sure to use at least one of your target keywords or phrases in this description, as the keywords will tell consumers if the video is relevant to what they want.

Again, don't just smash keywords anywhere that's available. You want keywords included naturally and organically, to prevent descriptions from looking like a block of spam text. Keep this description on the shorter side, as it might get cut off when viewed in the search engine.

Promote Quality Content

Happy Person Viewing Content

Overall, it doesn't really matter how many marketing tactics you apply if your content simply isn't up to par.

With the new age of online marketing, content has to be informational and relevant to the person reading, watching, or listening.

If you have a video you are trying to rank on Bing, make sure that it meets the requirements for quality content.

To be considered quality content, your video must be relevant to your business and share some interesting information. This can be done in a multitude of ways, with no one answer being right.

The best way to make sure your content is quality is by understanding your audience and who you are targeting.

Once you thoroughly understand your market, you should have a good understanding of what your content should look like. If you aren't quite sure who your market is or what type of content is key, then it's time to do some research.

Find businesses that are similar to yours, though don't look at any direct competitors. What type of content do they release and what type of feedback do they get?

Since you're attempting to improve your video's rank on Bing, specifically look for videos through Bing searches, including the names of similar businesses you have found. Compare videos that are more successful versus the ones that saw less success.

Getting your videos to rank on Bing doesn't have to be difficult. By using a variety of different SEO tactics, your video content will be able to reach new viewers and gain more followers.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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