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9 Tips for Marketing on Social Media that Produce Results

By ZioSolutions

Creating a brand for your business or self online can be extremely beneficial. Through digital and social media marketing many people have found great success.

However, establishing a presence online and on social media platforms takes time, effort, and resources. This isn't something that just happens overnight.

Here are 9 tips to help you see results with social media marketing:

1. Pay Attention to Your Target Audience

People Using Social Media

Before you begin promoting your material, figure out what audience you will be targeting. By targeting a specific audience, you’re increasing the chances of connecting with the people who want or need what you’re offering.

When you start to find an audience—whether on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on—it’s important to build a rapport with them. No one wants to feel bombarded by ads or cheap marketing gimmicks. People instead want to feel engaged.

It’s better to listen to what they’re saying. Pay attention to their conversations and join in, creating a dialogue. Not only might this get people to pay attention to you, it will get them engaged with your brand creating a potential sale of goods or services in the future.

2. Know Your Audience

It’s better to narrow your attention by focusing on your target audience. By restricting your content to your specialty—whether you’re a writer, a plumber, or an analyst—you are more likely to see engagement. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. By doing so, you might not end up reaching anyone.

3. Don’t Dwell on Numbers

Sure, it might be nice to acquire 250,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, but online friends and followers don’t necessarily translate to success in business. The key is to cultivate an audience of people likely to want what you’re offering and engage with your brand.

For example, developing a following of 2,500 likely customers who engage with your posts, is far better than finding 250,000 followers who ignore you.

4. Plan Your Content

Business Meeting Creating Plan

In addition to figuring out and understanding your audience, you should also learn how to plan your content.

Find out what types of content resonate well with your audience and on the platforms you're looking to develop a presence on. How can you give your own insight and add a creative spin to that?

By planning out what types of content you'll be posting ahead of time, you'll save yourself time down the road and be more likely to start producing results.

5. Produce Quality Content

Along with planning your content comes producing quality content. Being active and sharing a lot of content with your audience is great, but only if remains valuable in some way, shape, or form.

By “quality content,” we mean interesting or engaging content. Put thought into it, and passion. Create and share things such as quality blog posts or video content that interests people, or perhaps even inspires them.

6. Promote Your Content

It’s better to focus on building your audience than simply churning out content. What’s the point of multiple daily posts if no one’s paying attention? After you create some quality content, you should spend some time and effort promoting it.

Find ways to naturally slip it into online discussions, promote it on social media sites, and showcase the value to entice action. Doing so will help you develop a following of people and keep your business top of mind.

7. Use Images

Woman Using Social Media On Phone

It's no secret that people pay attention to pictures. Make use of images throughout your posts to help entice engagement and create a sense of shareability.

Using images will help catch the eye of your following and distinguish your posts from a feed of countless posts from other accounts. In turn, your audience members will me more likely to see and share your post as a result.

8. Be Consistent

Try to set aside a few times a day or week to post content and engage with people in discussions. Doing so consistently will help build a loyal audience. If people never know when to expect you online, or if they haven’t seen or heard from you in a while, they might tune out or forget you.

Along with being consistent with your posting frequency, you should be consistent with your message. Establish a voice for you brand or business and maintain a consistent message throughout your posts and content. Being consistent will help you establish credibility and a connection with your target audience.

9. Use Hashtags

If you’ve spent anytime on social media then you’ve undoubtedly encountered people who use far too many hashtags. While they can be useful in directing people to your content, hashtags can become overwhelming and drown out the message of the post if overused. 

Use relevant hashtags when they provide value to the post and will help you reach people that could be interested. When done right, using hashtags can drastically increase the reach of your posts. Consider using 2-3 hashtags per post as long as they're relevant and don't take away from the post itself.

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I hope you found this information beneficial and feel free to comment down below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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