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7 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics Proven to Show ROI

By ZioSolutions

Digital marketing companies are continuously looking for ways to improve their services and reach more online customers.

Here are seven digital marketing elements that have successfully helped businesses increase sales and generate leads.

Rich Content

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It helps to have a high search engine ranking. Google ranks websites according to how relevant its content is to a user's search.

Rich content—content that is most relevant, accurate, and informative—get its own spotlight in Google's Rich Content Box, which highlights website solutions at the top of search results.

High-quality content should be concise, well-written, and engaging to readers. These might include qualitative case studies, thought-leading blog posts, and interactive content like polls, galleries, videos, and podcasts.

For example, a technology firm might create white papers to deliver educational information on its technology solutions and case studies. They could also highlight cross-industry practices and challenges.

Likewise, marketing firms can hire market analysts to conduct online surveys and create useful statistics and reports that others can refer to and cite.

High-quality content has shown to significantly increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings, help businesses establish credibility, and generate leads.

Google Analytics and Benchmarking Reports

Google offers Analytics and Benchmarking tools to help digital firms track website traffic, gather customer demographic profiles, and compare its performance to thousands of companies within its industry who have shared their data.

For example, Google's Benchmarking reporting tool lets a company benchmark channels including social, direct, referral, organic search, paid search, and others in graphs and visualizations.

They can also chart business performance in relation to a location and device. These useful tools show where a business overperforms and helps identify areas where it can improve.

It's constructive criticism in a data-based form that, when taken as actionable insight, can increase sales and ROI.

Strong Customer Relationship

Positive customer feedback and brand loyalty are important elements for longterm business success.

To build customer relationship, seek to gain consumer trust by being transparent about business operations and respond to customer feedback.

Digital firms have created brand ambassador programs to allow loyal customers to voice its service or product benefits. Because brand ambassadors are also customers, they can bring valuable and compelling experiences to a conversation with potential customers.

Studies show that ongoing ambassadorship and positive product reviews are two of the most effective forms of influencer marketing.

Optimized, Responsive Websites

Webpage loading time is critical in a day-and-age where consumers can now choose to buy within seconds.

Not only can consumers buy in seconds but it's become the expectation of most people for websites to load within 2 seconds.

It's become increasingly important for digital firms to create a seamless website experience across multiple devices.

To make that happen, companies have adopted responsive web design and optimization techniques like prioritizing webpage elements to ensure that certain information loads first.

By providing an optimium experience across all devices and delivering fast load times, you will be sure to increase the performance of your website.

Social Media Mediums

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Social media is still one of the most effective online marketing techniques. Social media platforms give companies a medium to directly connect to and reach consumers.

Its advertising services not only help businesses identify and target the types of customers they are looking for, but more importantly allow firms to interact with its clients, partners, and potential customers.

With Facebook for example, businesses can create pages to communicate their mission, products, solutions, and testimonies.

This is a place where customers can provide their feedback and socialize with other fans. Businesses can engage consumers via images, posting, status updates, and more.

Some social media platforms allow you to generate targeted ad campaigns for a specific demographic group causing you to be more focused in your efforts and see more ROI.

Personalized Emails

Emailing is a convenient way for companies to reach its online customers. Reports show that personalized emails are 26% more likely to be opened.

Personalization is about delivering relevant information to the right people. More and more businesses are incorporating personalization in their email campaigns.

Advanced marketing tools can help companies easily deliver effective emails by getting relevant information on consumer interests, segmenting lists based on data, and incorporating dynamic content and interactive elements.

Transparent Data Collection

Data is important for businesses to know customer preferences. For example, e-commerce companies may wish to learn its clients' purchasing trends.

Though a significant portion of today's data collection occurs automatically, some companies have chosen to be more open about this process.

A survey conducted in 2014 showed that only 25% of people were aware that their location was being shared and 14% knew they were sharing their web surfing history. Meanwhile, 97% of respondents expressed concerns over data misuse.

People are still concerned about sharing their data today.  Companies that practice transparent data collection and give customers control of their personal information, gain trust and are more likely to obtain data sharing consent to enhance its service offerings.

Apple, for example, asks for permission before asking clients to disclose information and tells them exactly what the data will be used for.

They also inform their customers what steps are taken to keep their information private. As a result, many people today are comfortable with sharing their data with Apple.

By being transparent with your data collection, you can establish and build trus with your target audience and consumers.

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