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5 Tips for Leaving a Sales Voicemail

By ZioSolutions


Leaving a sales voicemail can be an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience. You might second guess what you're trying to say or stumble over your words.

Even though you may find yourself outside of your comfort zone, learning the art of leaving a sales voicemail is worth it.

By following the five tips in this article you can avoid any embarrassing voicemail mishaps and increase your sales by leaving voicemails.

Why are Sales Voicemails a Good Idea?

Voicemail Messages Stand Out

It used to be that people got excited about receiving emails while traditional mail was often unimportant junk.

The tables have turned as technology has progressed. Now people get excited to find snail mail in their mailbox and the same thing is taking place with phone calls.

We are bombarded every day by emails and text messages but it is rare to speak with someone on the phone. By leaving a sales voicemail rather than an email you will stand out to potential customers.

Harder to Say No to a Real Person Once They Call Back

Another advantage to a phone call is the sense of accountability one feels to hear you out. People are less likely to just say no or hang up right away when they call you back.

The personal aspect of a phone call or voicemail is enough to make people feel a sense of loyalty or connection to the person on the other end. Building this kind of bond is a great way to get and keep customers.

Easier to Personalize Than Mass Emails

Voicemails are easy to personalize because you know who you're addressing and can use verbal queues such as tone and word choice.

You can further personalize the voicemail based on how you feel the individual customer will respond. This is a great advantage in building a relationship with potential customers.

Five Tips for Leaving Sales Voicemails

1. Stick to a Script

You wouldn’t go into making a speech without being prepared, so why would you leave an important voicemail without preparing?

It's important to have a good idea about what you would like to say and the important points that you would like to mention.

By writing up your introduction, your key points, and your closing statements you will be less likely to stumble over your words or forget important information.

You can always improvise and go off script but refer to your script to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

2. Be Personable and Kind

When talking on the phone, you should adopt the same mannerisms you would have while talking to someone in person.

If you smile and are animated while leaving a voicemail it will show your potential customer you are trying to make an honest attempt to connect or reach out.

Receiving a voicemail that sounds monotone will not stand out to the recipient at all. To further personalize your sales voicemail, you can mimic the personality and mannerisms of the person’s mailbox message to relate with them on a more personal level.

3. Believe in Your Message

Customers will catch on if you don’t feel confident in the value you're trying to present. It’s never good practice to try and sell something you can’t get excited about.

There is something that lights up inside of people when they are talking about something they believe in.

This joy translates strongly into voicemail messages. Always give yourself a little pep talk about the exciting work you're doing so you will convey confidence and joy in your sales voicemail.

4. Have a Sense of Urgency

Saying things like “call back when you get a chance” or “if you might be interested” makes you seem unsure and tells the potential customer your work is unimportant.

Instead, say things like “I know you will be interested in this,” or “I will reach out to you again soon if I don't hear from you shortly” to show them that if they don’t talk to you they are missing out.

This sense of urgency will be present in their thoughts every time they think about your message. It will fill them with curiosity and lead to a callback.

5. Always Follow Up

You should follow up with each client. This persistence can mean the difference between getting a big customer or letting them slip between your fingertips. If you're afraid you'll be bothering your potential customers, don’t worry!

The worst thing that could happen by being persistent is they ask you not to call again. On the other hand, if you never call back then you could be missing out on a very important customer.


By implementing these five tips you will greatly increase your sales potential. Leaving sales voicemails can be tedious work.

When you get the hang of it and allow yourself to enjoy these calls you will see the hard work pay off in no time. 

I hope you found this information helpful. Please feel free to comment below any thoughts or questions you may have.

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