Growth-Driven Design Consultation

Complimentary Analysis and Strategy Session

This completely free growth-driven website design analysis and strategy session will cover an overview and next steps for the following:

1. Page Layout

We will analyze and review your website pages layout and how they compare to industry best habits. We will individually target core website pages, landing pages, thank you pages, blog listings pages and actual blog posts.

2. Coding Efficiency and Performance

 Your websites performance and coding efficiency effects everything from search engine rankings to the user experience. Because of this, we put a big emphasis on analyzing and giving feedback on your websites foundational coding and performance as well as teach you how you can keep up with and check it in the future.

3. Conversion Paths

We map out your conversion paths from start to finish providing feedback based on best habits to see optimal conversion rates.

4. Reporting and Analytics

If your website doesn't already have the proper, no cost, analytics in place (such as Google Analytics) we assist in implementing this so you can start recording and using your data. Otherwise, we review and teach you what to be looking for.

5. Competitor Comparisons

We compare all of the above listed points to a few of your competitors to see how you currently match up in your industry and location.

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